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Scott Bennett
General Sales Manager

Scott is the General Sales Manager over all Sales team members and the BZ Motors inventory.  Always willing to make fair deals without high pressure tactics. Scott has a very wide breadth of knowledge across many dealership functions.  If anyone can "make it happen", it's him.

He has been in the automotive sales field since 1987 and has been with B.Z Motors since 1996. He has held multiple positions which has majorly contributed to his success in his current role. He is very customer centric and strives to have his staff service customers with excellence of the experience in mind.

On a more personal note, Scott loves to travel and participate in various outdoor activities such as kayaking, river rafting, hiking, and going on "great adventures to the Southwest as well as the Midwest".   He loves to cook specialties on both the outdoor grill as well as "chef-ing" indoors.  He also is "quite the beer snob" which may accompany his food specialties.

Dan Bennick
Sales Manager

Dan has been in the Automotive Sales field for 17 years now, with 16 of those years at B.Z. Motors. He is the Business Manager and is very diligent at trying to get our clients the best interest rates and is thoroughly knowledgeable about all our warranty and insurance products that we offer.  He serves as the liaison for all the various banks, credit unions and financial institutions that we collaborate with.

He specializes in Warranty protection and Simoniz Glasscoat product/protection for your vehicle.  You will most likely meet him when signing the loan or lease and motor vehicle paperwork for your new vehicle and works to make this part of the process as enjoyable as possible. 

Dan grew up locally and previously owned his own floral business in Sunbury.  He loves working with customers.  He is family man whose wife, Raelene, is from the land down under, Australia, and together they have a son, Thomas, who is very creative and a quick thinker.  Also part of the family is a dog and a cat.  He lives on an island and is quite involved in the island community's happenings and fund raisers.  Dan is also a long time member (since 1988) and past president of the Sunbury Kiwanis club.  Speaking of sports, Dan loves baseball and is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. 

Bryan Hubler
Sales Manager

Bryan has been with BZ Motors since the Fall and has been in the automotive for 15 years.  He has worked at various brands, including the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram brands and brings with him great experience in both sales and the finance aspect of vehicle purchasing.

He enjoys spending time with his family and dabbles in making his favorite restaurant type dishes at home.



Rob Comerer
Sales Consultant

Rob has been in automotive sales for 40 years, 33 of them at BZ Motors.  With his easy going personality and extensive knowledge base, his customers whether car or truck, always come back to him and bring all their family members in as well.  They know he will do his very best to make each deal a fair one for all.  Often customers will come in to buy a new one and then reminisce about when they bought their first car from him...way back in the day. Those were some classics he sold them years ago.

Rob is the Commercial Truck Manager.  He is the man to see if you need a heavy duty truck with or without upfitted bodies, or maybe a RAM PROMASTER or PROMASTER CITY.  He handles all the interactions with the upfitting vendors (for dump bodies, service bodies, flatbed haulers, etc) to be sure we meet our business customers needs so they don't have to bother with navigating all the options and getting all the pieces together themselves.  This save the customers time, money and frustration.

Got a question about HD trucks, upfits, Business Link?  Just give Rob a call and he will readily answer your questions.

Outside of work, Rob loves GOLF. He loves to play golf, he loves to watch golf tournaments and even his son followed in his footsteps in loving golf so much, he does that for his career. 

Dan Demers
Sales Consultant

Dan has been at BZ Motors for 8 years now, with a total of 27 years in the automotive sales business.  Dan also serves as a backup in the Finance & Insurance department handling both retail sales and leasing deliveries.

Dan has extensive knowledge in the commercial heavy duty truck line and has worked with many businesses to get them into the vehicle that matches their needs.  He is ready to help customers whenever they need it on an ongoing basis, long after the sale.  His customers can experience a very easy going sales process with fun included, making it pleasurable for all.

Dan moved to Pennsylvania from Connecticut.  He has 3 children and one grandchild.  He has many talents and a vast array of "trivia" knowledge in the entertainment, music realm as well as he is a World War II buff. Dan can always be counted on for his quick wit and great joke telling.  And best of all, he can do "voices" from cartoon characters and impersonate some singers.  He IS "Mr. Vegas" for sure! And with all that, he is great with his customers who bring their little ones.  Always keeps a stash of crayons and "knows where the balloons" are kept. 

Barry Elliott
Sales Consultant

Barry has been in the car business for 38 years now...WOW!!!

He has been at BZ Motors for 20 of those years.  Barry does have a faithful following and does his best to get each of his customers a great deal.

Personally, Barry has a very active life.  He is another golf lover and tries to play as often as he can, always looking very dapper on the course.  He looks forward to annual golfing excursions, with his buddies, to where the weather is "warmer" and golf course choices are abundant.

He has been married for 25 years to a great wife and together they are involved in many community service projects outside of work.  Always an event to go to help raise funds for one cause or another.  He has 3 sons (aged 43, 23 and 21) and all are very active as well.  One of his sons is still in college, but loves his sports.  They not only play, but also get involved in coaching young ones. 

Bud Falls
Sales Consultant

Bud has been in automotive sales for 12 years, all of which have been spent at BZ Motors.  He has a great customer base who return to him, time after time. 

He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren when he is able.  He has been very active in BZ events over the years which has donated those proceeds to SUN P.E.T.S

In the past, Bud had organized a yearly "Car Show", which had been attended by many.

Don Seebold
Sales Consultant

Don has been in the "car biz" for five years and sales for twenty-five.  Don believes the car-buying experience should be simple and fun with no pressure.  He treats his clients like he would like to be treated...with honesty, respect and integrity.

In his younger days, Don could be found on the baseball diamond or golf course.  Fall weekends were reserved for Penn State games or watching football in his man-cave.

When not working at BZ Motors, the more "mature and milder Family Don" of today can be found supporting his two teenage daughters at field hockey games, violin concerts and school plays.  Don is very proud of his family and will not hesitate to show you a couple of pictures of them when you stop in.

Don and his beautiful wife Tracy live in Mifflinburg and are often hosting friends and family in "Pleasantville".

Don likes the fact that many customers comment after buying a car from him that "that was the easiest car purchase ever, with NO pressure.

Elaine De Pinto
Sales Consultant

Elaine has been in automotive industry in several dealership department job functions / business areas for almost 10 years, with over 9 of those years spent at BZ Motors.  SHE IS NOW SEMI RETIRED, HOWEVER WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE TO WORK WITH HER LOYAL CUSTOMERS WHO CONTACT HER DIRECTLY OR ASK SPECIFICALLY TO WORK WITH HER.

 Her goal is to provide you with your best buying experience ever…no pressure…no gimmicks.  Men, women, first time and credit challenged buyers who find the vehicle purchase process daunting, intimidating or nerve wracking can rest assured that with her, you will find a respectful and comfortable process, with a high level of customer satisfaction.  She has served many happy customers over the years who find it very easy to come back, time and time again and refer their friends and family to her for an equally enjoyable, trustworthy and satisfying purchase.

Elaine is a native of New Jersey, having worked in the technology (IT) sector of major insurance and brokerage corporations for many years.  She also has owned several businesses serving the public and totally enjoys working with people, helping them achieve their goals, whether it be in careers, products or vehicles.  She has two children, one, teaching Pre-k children in Pennsylvania and the other working at a large format graphics installation company in the Atlanta area.

Elaine loves to "create" things, whether it be an Excel spreadsheet to automate tedious work, playing with computer graphics, or photo collaging, whipping up a great gourmet dish, baking a beautifully decorated cake for everyday and special occasions, entertaining large groups of family and friends, and scrapbooking.  An outdoor enthusiast, she loves fishing, crabbing (mostly at the Jersey Shore... :)), and swimming when she actually does have free time